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Total VIVA Protection is a group of benefits offered by Cryoviva Singapore to its clients for the added security of their present and future health conditions.

VIVA Secure

Total Peace of Mind
To assure you that your family’s future health is in the hand of a specialist, your baby’s cord blood is processed and stores by experienced technical team in our MoH licensed facility.


Enhanced Cord Blood Technologies
At Cryoviva Singapore, we are equipped with enhanced technologies such as the latest Fully Automated Cord Blood Processing System (Sepax-2) which enable users to maintain samples in their purest form & maximise cell recovery, resulting in better Cord Blood Transplant outcomes.

VIVA Match

Supporting your Transplant Needs
At Cryoviva Singapore, we also undertake the complete cost of Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) resolution typing and Colony-forming Unit (CFU) Assay (for viability) to ensure suitability of the Cryopreserved Cord Blood Unit, prior to the Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT). We have all the necessary measures that is needed to support you, should the need for the said service arises.

VIVA Safety

When You Need Us The Most
If the cord blood unit stored with us is not viable for transplant, the best available matched cord blood unit, or US$25,000 to meet costs of obtaining a matched sample, will be provided.

VIVA Support

Together Hand-in-Hand
Should either spouse pass away or suffer from Partial or Total Permanent Disability, do contact us for more information on available assistance.